2 Important Benefits of Attending a Christian Marriage Retreat

After a few years of marriage, you may find that your relationship with your spouse has reached a point that is comfortable, yet somewhat stagnant and dull. If you want more for your marriage than what you currently have, you may be able to achieve this by registering you and your spouse for a Christian marriage retreat. Here are two key benefits this may offer for your marriage. It offers time together [Read More]

4 Of The Most Common Video Editing Mistakes

With the availability of free and low-cost video editing programs, some event organizers may want to edit their own videos. However, there are many large and subtle errors that amateur video editors make that reduce the video's quality and can damage your brand. If you must edit your own videos, there are a few mistakes you must avoid. 4. Not Organizing Before Editing and Shooting The best videos are usually those that were planned out before they were shot. [Read More]

3 Things You Need To Be A Life Coach

Becoming a life coach allows you great flexibility to direct your own life and career. Life coaches work in a variety of fields, with all kinds of people. Do you enjoy working in the educational field? You may find yourself helping high school students make decisions about what college to attend. Do you prefer the medical field? You may shine at teaching patients how to cope with an illness, or teaching caregivers how to manage stress. [Read More]

3 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booth More Impactful

When you are competing against hundreds of other products on a trade show floor, you may wonder what it is that can get people to your booth so that you can sell them your products. Here are three great ways that you can stand out on a show floor and get your investment back: Trade Show Models When most people think of trade show models, they think of the stereotypical " [Read More]