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Host A Paintball Party For You And Your Friends

Host a paintball party for you and your closest friends to let loose and have fun together. The following ideas will help your get-together be one that is a smashing success for all who attend.

Provide Extra Supplies

Before holding the event, make sure that you have plenty of supplies on hand so that everyone can participate in as many paintball competitions as they would like. Paintball guns contain a carbon dioxide tank that needs to be filled in order for each gun to have the power that is necessary to shoot each paintball. Purchase carbon dioxide refills from a supplier in case anyone forgets to have their gun's tank filled before they arrive. Contact a company like Arizona Air Boutique Inc. for help.

If you have an extra gun or two lying around, offer them to anyone who doesn't own their own supplies. Provide t-shirts that are two different colors so that teams can be set up and each person will know who to target.

Set Up A Dining And Lounge Area

Each participant may want to rest for a while in between paintball competitions. Set up a canopy to provide your attendees with shade. Fill a cooler with ice and a variety of beverages. Prepare some sandwiches and appetizers and place them on a tray. Purchase paper plates, cutlery, and trash bags. Arrange all of these items on a lightweight table. Place lawn chairs around the table so that everyone has somewhere to sit.

Bring a portable radio with you so that your guests can listen to some of their favorite tunes while enjoying the food items and beverages that you have provided. Arrange some chaise lounges nearby so that people can lay back if they get tired. 

Offer Prizes

Make the paintball event enticing to each participant by offering prizes to the winners. Hold several competitions so that each guest has plenty of opportunities to win. Purchase an inexpensive trophy and some novelty, gift items to give away as prizes. Hand out the trophy to the best player. Allow other good players to select a prize from a box. Instead of revealing what each prize is, wrap them all in paper so that each person will be surprised when they open what they have won.

On the day of the paintball party, you and your friends can enjoy spending time together and make lasting memories. With all the preparations that you have made, the party will likely be a hit.