Tips To Making The Most Out Of Your Next Holistic Living Expo

Attending an expo or conference in your chosen field is a great way to learn about the exciting new advancements. From new technologies to new techniques and herbal medicines, the holistic field is changing all the time. Whether it's your first time attending a holistic living expo or you are an experienced attendee, there is always something new to learn. Here are a few tips for making the most out of your next holistic living expo. [Read More]

Need A Fundraising Idea? Create A Charity Fashion Show!

Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for your charitable cause? Rather than throw a boring dinner or cocktail party, why not spice things up with a charity fashion show? This unique fundraising idea appeals to young and old alike and may help people relax and open their wallets. But how should you plan such an event? Here are five steps to make things work smoothly. 1. Pick a Theme. [Read More]

Why You Should Have a Patio Space Outside Your Party Tent

The best outdoor events not only have party tents for those in attendance but also have thought-out spaces outside of the tents for various uses. When you're looking at tent options, it's ideal if you can choose one that has multiple entrances. While you might use one entrance to the tent as your main entrance — and decorate it accordingly — you can use the other entrance to lead to a patio-style spot for your guests to use. [Read More]

Three Types Of Glowing Furniture To Rent For Your Event

If you're planning an upcoming event and want to make it visually impressive for your attendees, you'll want to partner with a local  corporate audio visual rental service to get the gear that you need. Whether you want a projector system, an LCD video wall, or different types of lights, each of these elements can make your event look impressive. Another option to consider is glowing furniture, which many A/V rental services have available for customers. [Read More]