Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

Need A Fundraising Idea? Create A Charity Fashion Show!

Are you looking for a fun way to raise money for your charitable cause? Rather than throw a boring dinner or cocktail party, why not spice things up with a charity fashion show? This unique fundraising idea appeals to young and old alike and may help people relax and open their wallets.

But how should you plan such an event? Here are five steps to make things work smoothly.

1. Pick a Theme. Rather than simply plan to have a few volunteers model random outfits on your runway, start out by deciding on a theme. This could be related to your charity, such as a pediatric charity that models outfits for parents or for little ones. It might be seasonal, like a Christmas or Valentine's Day-themed show. Or it may just be something you think the target audience will enjoy, such as an evening of formals or of interview clothing. 

2. Hire a Production Service. If you have no experience putting together something of this size or type, work with an event production company for best results. Event planners will know how to publicize your fashion show, how to set it up and light it, how to follow rules and codes, and how to generate enthusiasm. They will be an invaluable ally as you plan. 

3. Find a Venue. Choosing the venue might be an easy decision, or it could be tricky. You likely need to work with a relatively inexpensive venue, of course. But also be sure that it has ample parking, plenty of empty space to set up the runway and audience areas, a suitable ambiance, and adequate utilities. Work with the event coordinator before signing any contracts on venues.

4. Solicit Sponsors. Sponsors will help fund the event, so they are key to its success. Look for help within the local fashion industry, perhaps with community college or university design or fashion classes, and with local clothing shops. Corporations that have ties to your charity or the local community are a good source of donations, regardless of whether they are fashion-related. 

5. Locate Models. When people think of runway models, they often think about a particular body type. But your audience is more likely to enjoy seeing real-life men, women, and children modeling the clothing or accessories. Seek out volunteers who are comfortable in front of an audience and who will have fun with their roles in the event. 

By following these few steps, you can create a fashion show that will blow away your audience. No matter what your budget or focus, the evening will surely be a fun time and a chance to give donors a good time for their buck.