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4 Of The Most Common Video Editing Mistakes

With the availability of free and low-cost video editing programs, some event organizers may want to edit their own videos. However, there are many large and subtle errors that amateur video editors make that reduce the video's quality and can damage your brand. If you must edit your own videos, there are a few mistakes you must avoid.

4. Not Organizing Before Editing and Shooting

The best videos are usually those that were planned out before they were shot. These videos have a beginning, middle, and an end, helping to make the video feel like a cohesive whole. While re-watching your footage, create a storyboard so you can organize the footage into a cohesive whole. If you have not yet shot footage, consider creating a storyboard beforehand so you will know what footage you need to shoot. Poor organization may cause you to forget to include valuable content, could cause you to forget to include key information and will also slow down the video editing process.

3. Using Bad Transitions

Choose transition animations that last the full length of the transition. Some transition animations are cut off abruptly, which has a jarring effect. Transitions should be as minimalist as possible. Cheesy transitions that are used too frequently do not impress viewers, but instead induce eye-rolls.

2. Not Editing Before Integrating the Video

When editing a video, too much emphasis is often placed on the video itself, while not enough is placed on the audio quality. The audio needs to be loud enough to where it can be heard even with poor speakers, since the volume can usually be turned down by the user. Voice needs to be loud enough that it can be heard over background noises and music. Before adding an audio to a video, modify the audio with an audio editor to remove background noise, adjust the pitch and make other improvements. 

1. Not Using Music in a Strategic Way

Use music to set the pacing of your video. For example, if your video will be fast-paced, make sure the music moves quickly as well. If your video is broken up into different chapters, choose a different song to correspond with each chapter so that the audience can more easily identify transitions. You can also change the music when switching from scene to scene.

Your event is your opportunity to make a great impression. But even if you fix some of the most common editing mistakes, your video will still likely lack the polished look that professionally-edited videos have. For the most important occasions, make sure to hire a video editing service such as Watrous Video Productions for your multimedia.