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Confirm These Details Before You Rent An Inflatable Water Slide

Few things can add a refreshing amount of fun to a summertime children's gathering to the same degree as an inflatable water slide. If you're going to be hosting a party for your child that many of their friends will attend, and the forecast calls for hot conditions, it can be fun to surprise the group by having an inflatable water slide ready for everyone to use. These devices come in many different designs, so you can choose one with a theme that you know the kids will enjoy. You'll want to confirm the following details before you rent the water slide.

Weight Limit

Every inflatable water slide has a specific weight limit — that is, the number of pounds that the structure can support at any given time. Think about your child's weight and the approximate weight of the children who will be attending the party. You can then perform a quick calculation to ensure that you rent a water slide structure that can support all of the children at once. For example, if your child is about 50 pounds, and will have five other kids at the party who are approximately the same weight, you'll want to choose a structure that is capable of supporting at least 300 pounds.

Fill Time

Another detail that is important to check is how long it takes to fill the water slide structure with water. Many of these structures have not only a slide, but also a large wading pool that covers their base. Kids will be able to slide into the wading pool, as well as lie in the water and play various games in it. The larger the structure, the longer it will take to fill. Knowing this information will help you to determine when to have the structure delivered to your yard. You'll want to have enough time to fill the structure before the kids are ready to use it.

Section Measurements

Inflatable water slides are often made up of several individual sections. For example, there might be a small wading pool at the side of the structure for younger kids, a larger area with an inflatable obstacle course, and other sections. Take some time to confirm the measurements of each of these sections, as this information will help to ensure that you rent the right structure. You want each section to be spacious enough to hold several of the kids at the party.

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