Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

Put These Things On Your LED Video Wall At A Wedding

If you're thinking about renting an LED video wall for your upcoming wedding, a good way to start is to think of what you want to display on the wall. Coming up with a list of ideas that you feel will add value to your event for you and your guests can help you to confirm that this is a device that you definitely want to have on your special day. You can then move forward with visiting a local event rental company and browsing its selection of LED video walls.

Here are some things that you may wish to consider having on the LED video wall.

Photo Gallery

You might be excited to use your LED video wall to display a photo gallery of images that not only feature you and your significant other, but also share photos of one or both of you with the various people who will be attending your wedding. Spending some time to collect dozens of appropriate images and then having them appear on the video wall on a loop can add a fun feel to your event. A lot of people will enjoy keeping an eye on the wall as the images cycle through.

Game Rules

A lot of people plan to play a variety of games during their wedding receptions. While some of these games will be familiar to certain guests, others will be new. Generally, the event's emcee will explain the rules of each game, but it can also be useful to use your rented LED video wall for displaying the game rules. People who don't hear all of the rules or who are visual learners will appreciate being able to check the rules on the board as they play. This may help the games to run more smoothly, as there won't be any confusion about the rules.

Social Media Updates

If you're planning to come up with a hashtag for your wedding that people can use when they post photos and updates on social media, it can be fun to have a helper at your wedding share peoples' social media updates on the LED video wall. Guests will be excited to see their updates appear where everyone can view them, and this can encourage more people to make posts. To learn more about the many different LED video walls that you can rent for your upcoming wedding, visit the website of a local event rental company.