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Portable Toilet Rental Features Ideal For Spooky Season Events

The arrival of autumn also includes the arrival of spooky season. Spooky season often includes a wide range of events and celebrations like haunted hayrides, haunted houses, and Halloween celebrations. Typically, spooky season events take place at night. If you host an event, you may consider a portable toilet rental.

Learn what features to look for in portable toilet rentals to make your event a success and provide guests with all of their bathroom needs.

Spacious Interiors

A portable bathroom rental can feature extra space and roomy stalls. At spooky season events, you may have children who need help from their parents in the bathroom. You want to provide a space with plenty of room to move around. At some events, guests could come in costumes.

A spacious bathroom allows them to easily move around and remove parts of the costume if needed. Guests can get dressed and undressed comfortably in the bathroom area. You could rent a bathroom with roomy individual stalls or a bathroom with a main wash area and separate stalls with closed-door options.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Spooky season events often take place at night. With a night event, you want guests to easily see the bathroom facilities. A portable toilet rental can include both interior and exterior lighting. The lights on the outside allow guests to easily see the door and any entrance stairs in the bathroom.

Full lights on the inside provide guests with easy visuals of the toilet and sink. The bathrooms often come with plug-in options to provide full electric connections. You can choose to leave interior lights on for the whole event or use sensor lights that turn on automatically when someone enters.

Climate Control Options

Spooky season includes a wide range of temperatures. You could have a hot and humid event night or a cold and frigid autumn night. Either way, provide guests with comfort inside a portable bathroom. A bathroom rental can include an air conditioner that disperses cold air through vents. The rental could also include heating strips that provide warmth.

Based on the weather, you can set the temperature inside the bathroom and ensure guests remain comfortable when they go to use the bathroom.

Shop around to find portable toilet rentals that include all of the features you seek for your next event. You can use the rentals throughout the whole spooky season and enjoy all of the features available. 

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