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Why You Should Have a Patio Space Outside Your Party Tent

The best outdoor events not only have party tents for those in attendance but also have thought-out spaces outside of the tents for various uses. When you're looking at tent options, it's ideal if you can choose one that has multiple entrances. While you might use one entrance to the tent as your main entrance — and decorate it accordingly — you can use the other entrance to lead to a patio-style spot for your guests to use. Many party rental companies even rent wooden floors that you can use to construct a temporary patio space immediately outside of the tent. Here are three reasons that this space is a good idea.

Use It as a Smoking Section

You don't want people smoking inside of your tent, but if you have some smokers on your party's guest list, it's ideal if you can accommodate them in some way. Setting up a patio space immediately outside one of the tent's entrances makes for a good smoking section. You can even request that the smokers keep the tent's flap in the closed position so that secondhand smoke doesn't flow into the tent. You could argue that it's best to have your guests smoke farther away, but if the weather is miserable, they'll appreciate being closer to the tent.

Use It for a Live Band

Having a live band can make any event special, but you might not always want to situate your band inside of the tent. If the band is too loud, some people may want to exit the tent to converse rather than enjoy spending time inside of it. With a temporary patio space outside one of the tent's doors, you have a perfect space to set up your band. Its music will filter into the tent, but not be so loud that it drowns out all conversation. Additionally, you can keep the entrance flaps open so that people can stay in a tent but watch the band perform.

Use It as a Greeting Space

Depending on how you situate the tent and designate space for the patio, you might wish to use the latter area as a greeting space. For many events, it's nice for the hosts to greet those who arrive. If you're inside the tent, you might not always be aware of who has shown up. Positioning yourself on the patio gives you a chance to warmly greet people as they show up, and then invite them into the tent.

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