Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

Three Types Of Glowing Furniture To Rent For Your Event

If you're planning an upcoming event and want to make it visually impressive for your attendees, you'll want to partner with a local  corporate audio visual rental service to get the gear that you need. Whether you want a projector system, an LCD video wall, or different types of lights, each of these elements can make your event look impressive. Another option to consider is glowing furniture, which many A/V rental services have available for customers. Glowing furniture is a fun way to add visual interest to a number of types of events, and you may want to think seriously about renting the following types.

Tables And Chairs

If you haven't seen glowing tables and chairs, much less used them, this may be something that excites you to include at your upcoming event. These pieces of furniture are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor events. If you're holding an outdoor event and are considering glowing furniture, the effect will be best at night, rather than during the day. You probably don't want your glowing chairs to be the only places for your guests to sit, but if you're wanting to create a funky vibe and have a number of seating options for those in attendance, this type of furniture can be a good choice.


Many events have bars so that guests can have a drink or two, and whether you're planning a corporate get-together or a something else, you'll want to think about how you want the bar to look. Instead of renting a bar from an events rental company, consider a glowing bar from your A/V rental service. There's little change that people won't immediately be excited by its presence and flock toward it. This can especially be ideal if you're holding a fundraising event and are donating the proceeds from each beverage that you sell to a local charity, as the visual attraction of the glowing bar may encourage people to buy more.


While they're not pieces of furniture in the traditional sense, glowing pillars can also have a significant visual impact at your upcoming event. Many A/V rental services can provide these large fixtures in a variety of shapes and colors. You may decide to set up some of the pillars throughout the venue, or you may feel as though lining the walkway to the venue with pillars for a nighttime event can be a good choice for visual impact.