Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

Creative Meeting Venue Ideas

If you're planning a meeting for your company or coworkers, one of the first things you'll to decide is where you're going to hold it. While you can pick a traditional venue, such as a boardroom, choosing a more creative option may keep meeting-goers more engaged and interested.

No matter what type of meeting you're hosting, your choice of venue can make a big impact on the overall vibe of the gathering. Not only will the space be more visually appealing, but you can also save money if you find an all-inclusive deal. Look for an out-of-the-box venue that also provides catering and audio/visual equipment, as well as other meeting necessities.

To help you narrow down a list of possible out-of-the-box meeting venue ideas, here is a list to get you started:

1. Local Park

If you want to help meeting attendees relax and even focus on the discussion and issues at hand better, consider hosting the gathering at a local park. Being among nature and wildlife will give the meeting a laid-back vibe, and is ideal for low-tech talks and presentations that don't require audio/visual equipment. 

Look for a park that offers pavilion rentals, which typically feature picnic tables and grills for outdoor cooking. If you choose not to have the event professionally catered, you can treat guests to hot dogs and both regular and veggie burgers, along with all of the traditional fixings and side dishes. 

2. Art Galleries 

Being surrounded by artwork may get your attendees' creative juices flowing, making for an inspired meeting and discussion. While guests can mix and mingle amongst the artwork, private event rooms may also be available for discussions, presentations, and team-building activities. 

Before booking the space, inquire as to whether the gallery provides catering, or if you'll need to hire your own offsite caterer. Also, make sure that they have any business amenities, such as Wi-Fi, available for use. 

3. Country Barn

To give the meeting a relaxed, rustic feel, hold the meeting in a country barn, which you can rent for the day or evening. Since they are so airy and expansive, barns are ideal for hosting large groups. Another benefit is that a barn will give meeting-goers the feeling of being outside, but with a roof to protect them from inclement weather. 

You can project any visuals against a barn wall, and even wrap string lights around rafters and beams to give the space a warm, welcoming feel during nighttime events.