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How To Organize A March

If you want to have a march for a cause you hold near and dear to your heart, then you may not know where to start. Organizing a march is a great way for you to bring more visibility to a cause you care deeply about and to educate others on the topic. You can get other likeminded people all in one place where they can march for the cause and help bring more awareness as they take to the streets and educate others. Here are the steps that you may want to take when it comes to organizing your march.

Give your march a theme

You want to come up with a theme for your march. This is what is going to bring it to life and what is going to make it even more appealing to people. For example, your march can be "Walking for Smiles," and it can be a march for proper dental care in third world countries. Or, you may call your march "Dogs are Heroes," and it may be a march to bring education on the jobs K-9 police dogs do and why they need to be protected by a bulletproof vest which some don't get the privilege of having access to.

Come up with a support system

You want to reach out to organizations you think would be interested in being co-sponsors for the march. You want to recruit people who know more than you do and who can help you to get everything set up. Someone with experience in the areas you are lacking can be very helpful with regards to your march.

Choose your location

Work with your support system to locate a good place for your march to be held. You want to find a safe location with a lot of parking nearby for supporters who have driven a ways to attend your march. Talk to the city about redirecting traffic or find a location with wide enough sidewalks for the march.

Find speakers

You want to set up some speakers to come out and address everyone in attendance at your march. These people should be people that have a lot of experience and knowledge regarding the cause you are bringing to light. If it is about getting better dental care to those in third world countries, then your speaker can be a dentist who has done some charity work in these countries. If your cause is for the proper protection of K-9 police dogs, then you can have some K-9 officers speak at the march and maybe even bring a K-9 dog with them, with a vest to show how they work and why they are so important.

Advertise and get the word out in many ways

Create a website for the event. Have the website address linked across all possible social media platforms. Create banners, signs, and even fliers. Not only do you want to advertise before the march, but you also want to have plenty of banners and signs to give those who attend the march, so they can carry them and hold them high. You also want to alert the news stations and newspapers, so they will hopefully come out and give your march some news media attention.

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