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4 Tips For Hosting A Successful Corporate Training Session

If you want to refresh your employees on company policy, encourage certain practices, or introduce them to new corporate procedures, a corporate training session is an effective way to give everyone the training they need with one session. To help your employees get the most from their corporate training session, follow these tips.

1. Integrate Hands-On Training Throughout the Session

The ideal corporate training session should have a multitude of various activities throughout the day; avoid having the trainer speak or lecture for hours at a time. Instead, incorporate hands-on training during the session. You can invite your employees to speak about any experiences they have that relate to the training material, or you might have them participate in quick activities that promote team building and better communication skills.

2. Keep the Day on Schedule

Show your employees that you respect their time by keeping the session on schedule. Always start on time, even if some of the attendees are running late. Plan on giving the employees multiple breaks throughout the day so that they have a chance to grab a snack, get some exercise, or tend to quick personal tasks. Many employee will find it helpful if you give them the day's itinerary at the beginning of the session.

Don't forget to schedule a lunch hour if the training will last all day; if traffic is a concern or if there are limited restaurants for your employees to go to for lunch, you can have a caterer bring food to the training venue.

3. Check Your Materials Ahead of Time

Take a few minutes to see that you have everything you need for the session, including electrical outlets, power cords, electronics, training materials, and audiovisual hardware. If you're passing training materials out to your employees, make sure that you have enough before the day of the event so that you have time to procure additional materials. Few things are more disruptive to your employees' attention than having to share materials with another employee or dead time during the session while the trainer looks for more materials.

4. Make the Session Entertaining

Your employees are more likely to pay attention during the training session if you can convey information in an entertaining way. One option might be to invite a motivational speaker who fits your company's culture to come speak to the employees.

Another possibility is to encourage a little friendly competition between your employees, like an impromptu quiz or short Jeopardy session. Not only do educational games add entertainment to the day, but a game is an excellent way to quiz your employees on the principles or information that have been presented to them throughout the session.