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4 Tips To Help You Save On Wedding Reception Rentals

While you can expect to spend thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding day, it doesn't mean that you must spend a fortune on reception rentals. If you want to make sure that more of your budget is allocated towards other areas of your wedding day, how can you save money on wedding reception rentals? Here are four tips that will help you keep costs down on your wedding rentals without having to sacrifice the style and quality of your reception.

Tip #1: Splurge on Napkins Instead of Tablecloths

If you really think about it, your tablecloths don't need to be fancy. The glassware, china, centerpieces, etc. will complement the tablecloths, creating a fancy appearance. So, keep your tablecloths simple (yet lovely) and splurge on your napkins. Your guests will actually use their napkins, so you will want to opt for a napkin that will provide your guests with a "luxurious" experience.

Tip #2: Choose Simple Glassware

Glassware can get pretty expensive, especially when you consider that you have water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc. Rather than choosing elegant glassware for all types of glassware, consider simple glasses for all but one, and then choose a specialty glass for that one. For example, you can use simple glassware for water and wine, and then accent everything with specialty champagne glassware.

Tip #3: Opt for Dual Purpose Chairs

If possible, choose chairs that you can use at both your wedding ceremony as well as the wedding reception. The key with this, though, is ensuring that the venue can easily, quickly, and efficiently accommodate a changeover during cocktail hour. You don't want your guests to be bothered with the changeover, and you really don't want them to see it either. The changeover can be done by either the rental company or the caterer.  Either way, it will likely cost less than renting two separate sets of chairs.

Tip #4: Hang String Lights

You may not realize it, but lighting can quickly become an expensive component of your wedding reception. One way to inexpensively decorate your reception with lights is to use twinkling string lights. These lights are not only less expensive than larger installations, but they are able to create a more romantic and intimate ambiance, perfect for a wedding reception.

For more ideas on how you can save on your wedding party rentals, talk to a professional in your area.