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Three Things To Take Your Summer Block Party To The Next Level

One way to ensure your neighborhood is neighborly is by getting to know the individuals and families on your block. Planning a neighborhood event is a great way to begin forging these personal ties. Summer is the perfect time to host a block party for the entire neighborhood. The following are three ways to take your neighborhood block party to the next level.

#1: Close off the street

Closing down the street to outside traffic for the event can allow you to make things more festive. Imagine, kids riding bikes on the open road and neighborly basketball games without the need to watch for traffic. Most municipalities provide options for temporary street closures for neighborhood events. You can contact your county clerk or permit office to find out the details. You will likely need to turn in an application with the exact day and times you want the street closed. There may also be a small permit fee required. Some cities may provide barricades, while others may require that you rent your own. Begin planning for a street closure at least three months in advance so you can be sure to file necessary paperwork on time.

#2: Rent a water slide

Summer is hot so you don't want to let the heat send your neighbors scurrying indoors to cool off. Instead, plan to provide some nice, cooling entertainment. You can rent an inflatable water slide to set up in your yard during the party. These slides set up quickly and are relatively safe when anchored correctly. You can find slides in various styles and sizes, which means picking out one that guests of all ages can enjoy shouldn't be a problem. Some rental companies will even set up and take down the slide for you, which means it requires very little effort to provide a lot of fun for the whole neighborhood.

#3: Contract for treat delivery

Who doesn't like the sound of an ice cream truck? That telltale music excites children and brings back pleasant feelings of nostalgia for most adults. Contact a local ice cream or flavored ice truck service and invite them to your event. Many of these companies will provide a discount to a group when they know they have guaranteed business. For example, the company may offer dollar snow cones if you contract for a minimum number of sales.

Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy life. Invite your neighbors to enjoy the season with you! To learn more, contact a company like Affordable Inflatable Party Rental.