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Incorporating Horses In An Outdoor Wedding Venue

Millions of people around the world love horses and a newly engaged couple may want to incorporate one into their wedding. Thankfully, this is possible by booking a high-quality wedding venue that allows horses and other awesome possibilities.  

Horses Create Interesting Wedding Venue Possibilities

Couples that want to integrate a horse into their wedding have many fun possibilities that make it exciting. For example, they can ride in on the horse and ride away when the ceremony is over. Then can also decorate the horse with a fun "Just Married" sign, like they often hang on the back of limos or cars after the end of a wedding.

Even better, it is possible to decorate the venue with various horse-related items, such as napkins with horses, streamers related to riding, and much more. These possibilities are awesome because they allow the horse-loving couple to showcase their adoration of horses in a fun and enjoyable wedding venue.  

Why An Outdoor Venue Is Best

While it is possible to have a horse wedding inside of an indoor wedding venue, it is best to do it outside. This creates an all-natural look that is gorgeous and easier for the horse to adapt to during the wedding. Many wedding venues have an outdoor option that can be utilized, if the indoor area is not appropriate for the needs of a horse wedding; they usually aren't, because it takes a lot of skill and preparation to adapt wedding venues to this type of ceremony.

Preparing The Venue For A Horse

Even a good outdoor wedding venue needs to be carefully prepared for a horse. For example, there needs to be a barn where the horse can be stored before the wedding. These types of wedding venues typically have a place where a horse can relax before the bride and groom ride it away. Just as importantly, it needs to be carefully fed and groomed.

A horse typically needs to eat at least a half-pound of grain per every 100 pounds of its weight. Keeping it well-fed will avoid problematic behaviors during the wedding, such as excessive neighing or outbursts. This action can help keep the wedding venue safe and create a beautiful ceremony that the bride and groom will love.

Following these simple steps helps to keep the wedding venue owners happy, and provides the happy couple with a gorgeous wedding experience. It can allow them to celebrate their love of each other and their enjoyment of horses on their special day.