Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

Ten Tips To Create A Winter Wonderland-Themed Party

Try some clever tricks to transform any venue into a magical winter wonderland. These can be used in any event space, from a conference room to a friend's home, to evoke a cool and wintry atmosphere for your party.

Ten tips for your winter wonderland party are:

1.Create trees. Create a few white trees from cardboard or metal wire to line your entry or doorway with. These will create a wintry silhouette when you spray-paint them white; add a little glitter to replicate the look of snow.

2.Use mood-lighting. Change bulbs in light fixtures to cool-white bulbs, which are easily found in most hardware or home improvement stores. This will create mood lighting for your party.

3.Choose the right colors. Choose colors that replicate the icy, clean feeling of winter. Use a color scheme with white, silver, blues, and black for a dramatic party venue.

4.Make it snow. If you check with the proprietor of your venue, you may be able to suspend snowflakes and crystals throughout the space, giving your party a distinct flair. Use clear thread or fishing line and hang them all at varying points, six-feet and higher off the ground.

5.Serve some snowballs. Serve simple sweets including a big platter of snowballs, which are actually powdered-sugar coated donut holes. Stack them high to create a unique centerpiece for your food table.

6.Give guests a sweet treat. Give guests clear- rock candy in crystalline bags for party favors that reflect your icy theme.

7.Serve hot cider. Set-up a hot cider station for guests to serve themselves at your party. Serve warmed cider or mulled wine with a variety of add-ins, like cranberries, cinnamon sticks, and cinnamon schnapps, for an adult-crowd.

8.Host a contest. Host at least one fun party game or contest. For instance, award a prize for the best winter hat.

9.Make some favors. Another fun favor is to turn wine glasses upside down, painting them in wintry colors and finishing with a battery-operated tea light on top. Write the guest's name on the side of the glass for their place-setting and a take-home memento later.  

10.String some garland. Start now making cotton-ball garland to drape and display all over your venue. This is inexpensive, easy, and effective at creating a snowy theme for a party.

Go ahead and rent your event space; you can turn it into a winter wonderland with a few tweaks and tricks! Try these tips for creating an experience for your guests that is festive and magical!

Contact local event centers in your area for more information and assistance.