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Debating Between A Wedding Band Or DJ? 2 Myths About Wedding Bands To Forget When Making Your Choice

When it comes to wedding entertainment, many soon-to-be brides and grooms have a tough decision to make -- is a wedding band or DJ a better choice? If you are planning your wedding, then you are likely facing the same dilemma many others face. While both options have their advantages, there are some common misconceptions about both types of wedding entertainment that may be interfering with your ability to make your final decision. Read on to learn two wedding band misconceptions to forget when making your wedding entertainment decision. 

Myth #1: A Band Member Won't "Pump Up" the Crowd Like a Wedding DJ

When many couples are deciding between wedding DJs and bands, they wish they could afford to hire both. They often wish they could hire a band to play great live music at their reception and a DJ to "pump up" the crowd of wedding guests to energize them and get them dancing.

If the myth that wedding bands just play music on stage all night long and don't interact with the crowd like DJs do is making your decision more difficult, then you will love the news that many band leaders play the role of the DJ during the wedding reception. That's right. The leader of a wedding band typically speaks to the crowd between songs just like a DJ does, and some bands even dance and engage with wedding guests right on the dance floor. 

Myth #2: You Must Commit to One Music Style when Hiring a Wedding Band

If you, your soon-to-be spouse, and most of your guests all loved one genre of music, such as country music, then hiring a country band would be an easy decision. However, if you enjoy a wide variety of music styles or you and your partner love one style, yet your wedding guests have a variety of unique music tastes, then you may think that hiring a wedding DJ who can play a wide variety of pre-recorded music is the only way to please everyone. 

However, the belief that all bands stick to playing just one style of music is a common misconception. Many wedding bands are happy to play a wide variety of music styles during their performances. To make sure you hire a wedding band that has experience playing music of multiple genres, simply ask the wedding entertainment company you consult with for a bio of each band they represent and not only will bio give you an idea of what types of music they can play, but also let you "get to know" the band members' personalities a bit.

If you are planning your wedding and facing the tough decision between a wedding band or DJ, then keep these two wedding band myths in mind and the truth behind them when making your final decision. When hiring a wedding band, be sure to express exactly what you need the band members to do during the reception and what music genre(s) you would like them to play when vetting bands to make sure you end up with one that is just perfect for your reception. 

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