Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

Adding Appropriate Touches To Your Rustic Wedding Themed Reception

If you are planning a wedding, and you are favoring a traditional country theme for the reception, there are several steps you can take to impress your guests with simple touches. Here are some fun ways to incorporate rustic enhancements to your country wedding in a fun way that will be sure to please all who attend.   

Select The Perfect Setting For The Event

The most important part of hosting a rustic wedding reception is having the right wedding venue to get your theme noticed. Select a building made of old wood with high ceilings to portray a barn-like setting. Consider having an outdoor wedding where an old barn is present to use as your backdrop. Utilize a country-themed restaurant complete with long wooden tables for a family style feel.

Set Up A Lemonade Stand Or Candy Bar

One fun way to get a rustic feel across in your wedding plans, would be to have guests enjoy a cool beverage on a hot day. If your wedding reception is being held outside, have an old-style lemonade stand available for guests to have freshly squeezed drinks to consume. You can have alcohol added to them as well! Designate a friend to watch over the booth and supply guests with their tasty drinks.

If you are having an indoor reception, let guests partake in the selection of pieces of candy to take home as a treat for later. Place candy sticks, lollipops, chocolates, and other delicacies in glass jars so guests can see the array of goodies to choose from. Provide bags at the table for guests to enclose their treasures to eat at a later time. Use small chalkboards to set up by each jar indicating what type of candy is inside.

Use Crates And Mason Jars As Decorations

Stack wooden crates to use as shelving areas for any highlighted areas you wish for people to view. Place some photographs upon the crates for people to look at days you and your spouse-to-be enjoyed together leading up to your engagement. Drape pieces of gingham or burlap cloth over a few crates and set the guest book and a feathered pen upon them for guests to sign upon entry to your reception. 

Mason jars also exude a rustic feel. Tie a piece of ribbon around each jar to give it a bit of dressing and set one on each of your guests' tables. Place a candle inside of each jar to add to the aura of the setting. If desired, leave a jar for each guest with a festive candle they can reuse at home. Add a label to the jars with the wedding couple's names upon it so the favor can be remembered for years to come.