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How To Plan A Great Mexican Fiesta

It may be freezing cold where you live, but you have to admit that there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Spring and summer are right around the corner and this is the perfect time for you to start your plans for outdoor entertaining. Hosting a Mexican fiesta is a great idea! From food to party rentals, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun and memorable event.

The Invitations - Of course, you can make phone calls or you can send email invitations. However, people love to get mail, so send your invitations the old-fashioned way. Think of clever ways you can put the word out. Use papel picado as the background for your invitation. To make this pretty paper, simply cut designs out of tissue paper, using the same method you use to make snow flakes. Keep it simple, choosing something like flowers or birds for your design. Another idea is to put a picture of Pancho Villa and his revolutionary pals on the cover of your invitation. The caption can say something like, "Don't Make Me Mad - You Better Come To My Fiesta!"

Besides putting the date, time and place on your invitations, suggest that your friends wear Mexican attire, just to make things more fun. And, don't forget RSVPs so you'll know how many guests to plan for.

Party Rentals - If your party is going to be held outside, it would be a great idea to rent a large party tent from a company like Ken Rent. That way, if it rains you won't have to move inside. Rent a long table for serving food. Another good idea is to rent round tables instead of square or rectangular ones. Think about it. If you and your guests are seated at a round table, everybody faces each other which makes conversations flow well. Rent pretty wooden folding chairs, too. Festive paper tableware would be pretty, but if you want something a touch more formal, rent pretty pottery dishes, fancy glasses and flatware. 

The Food - A Mexican food bar! Let your guests build their own tacos, nachos and fajitas with sliced chicken and beef, ground beef, and fixings like sour cream, guacamole, shredded cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. When you set out salsas, be sure there's a mild one along with a spicy one. One great way to make a salsa with just the right kick to it is to add salsa to ranch dressing. It's yummy! Traditional rice and beans would be great, but think of doing something a bit different, like whole kernel corn mixed with cooked squash and onions and topped with a blend of cheeses. Tres Leches cake or flan would be a great dessert. Don't forget to rent serving platters and serving bowls. Rent a huge punch bowl for lemonade or chilled jasmine tea. 

The Decorations - If your party is outside, string Christmas lights anywhere you can. Get small pinatas for centerpieces, or put paper flowers in the middle of the table. If you want the real thing, put roses or geraniums in pottery pitchers or bowls. Whether you use paper flowers or real ones, add a bit of charm by placing clay or pottery birds next to  your flower arrangement. Wrought iron candle holders would be pretty, too.

Don't wait too long to rent things for your party. Warm weather means that other people will be hosting things like wedding receptions and other events, too.