Event Displays That Get Noticed: Tips and Ideas

3 Ways To Make Your Trade Show Booth More Impactful

When you are competing against hundreds of other products on a trade show floor, you may wonder what it is that can get people to your booth so that you can sell them your products. Here are three great ways that you can stand out on a show floor and get your investment back:

Trade Show Models

When most people think of trade show models, they think of the stereotypical "booth babe" - a pretty lady who draws people to your booth so that you can make the sale. While it is commonly thought that these types of models increase sales, the opposite is actually true. It is a great idea to hire a model to help you with a trade show, but instead of hiring somebody who is primarily good looking, hire some promotional models who are good with people and who have down to earth looks. This will help attendees to feel at ease and will mark your booth as someplace where serious people go to get work done. If you're looking for a trade show model, visit tradeshowcasting.com.

Hold a Seminar

Trade show attendees are looking for a way to add value to their organization. Typically these folks are higher level executives who have busy schedules and don't want to take time out of their day to listen to another sales pitch. Instead of telling them how great what you do is, show them. Advertise that you will be holding a standing presentation at a certain time on the show floor. Make sure this presentation showcases your product but also gives them information that they can immediately go back to their company and use to improve themselves. When attendees see you as a leader and someone who is generous with their time, they will come back to you again and again.

Give Attendees Something

Product giveaways are a great way to get a quick lead that you can follow up on later, but instead of leaving a fishbowl that they can drop a business card in, focus on making the initial contact at the show. Ideally, you would showcase your product right there and get a commitment. The further along in the commitment process you can get, the better it will be. For your giveaway, exchange something exciting for their time - give them a hot electronic gadget or a gift card in exchange for listening to a short pitch.

As you do these things, your trade show booth will be a success!